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09 November 2010 @ 06:17 pm
Soo my first picspam.. kinda.  
Hello, yeah i kinda wanted to try to do this.
But i'm not that good anyway...

So i made this list of the top 10 of my favorite fashionistas
I mean this 10 girls really have a great style, in my opinion
And idk i really love them..
so hope you like it (:

#10 Emilie De Ravin

Emilie's style isn't very changing at times, but i love it, i really like she pretty much always
has a plaid and coverse in her oufits, and when it's about red carpets, her mini dresses are always awesomes
and for real sexies.
Favorite red carpet look: New Moon Premiere ; RM UK premiere

#9 Ashley Greene
i'm not really ashley's biggest fan, but i have to admit that her style is remarcable, her hair always looks amazing even there've been some looks that
i've hated really bad, her choices are pretty almost all the time, plus her out and about style blowns me away.
Favorite red carpet look: mtv vmas 2010

#8 Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa likes to look good, and it shows, she's very girly and sofisticated, and on her everyday looks,
she just rocks it, she can go from a totally girly dress to some rocker oufit, plus she always has great glasses.
favorite red carpet look: visiting jay leno's show.

#7 Anna Paquin
Anna is my cameleon, because on her candis looks she's very normal, kinda girl next door, you know some shorts
and tennis, but when she hits the red carpet, she shines, like no other, she's beautiful, and glamurous.

favorite red carpet look: scream awards 2010

#6 Nina Dobrev
Nina has a young and fresh spirit that is shown on her clothes, she likes little dresses but whitout missing eleganceand she's very simple on candis
and she looovees hatts.
Favorite red carpet look: much music awards

#5 Selena Gomez
she's the perfect examle of a polite, elegant girl, she's always glamourous on the red carpet
even at times i think she looks a little too old, she's gorgeous.
Favorite red carpet look: teen choice awards 2010

#4 Emma Watson
she's british xd, so for nature she's elegantpolite, and always look good.
Favorite red carpet look: national movie awards

#3 Dakota Fanning
She's a sweetheart and it shows on her clothes, but she can also go from a girly look on the red carpet to a rocker candid look.
Favorite red carpet look: new moon premiere

#2 Kristen Stewart
Kristen is aweesome. Her style is so amazing, i just love her, because she can rock any look.
Favorite red carpet look: all of them u,u

#1 Demi Lovato

Demi, demi, demi. AMAZING should be her middle name, i love that she dresses as the young girl she is in the candids shoots,
she has to die for ray-bans, converse and dresses. And in the red carpet WOW, she's always precious.
favorite red carpet look: Oceans premiere